Miniature Gardening Comes in all Forms


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Vintage Shoe Succulent Garden- by Annette MacLean

Vintage Shoe Succulent Garden- by Annette MacLean

I started planting up old and discarded containers, shoes, tea cups, bottles, tricycles,etc. around 2002 when I worked at Geneva Greenhouse. It is amazing what one could do with plants and how they seem to thrive in the oddest vessels! And, with today’s busy lifestyles, it’s often difficult to find time to garden. For those of us who crave getting our fingers into the soil, our taking care of plants or who just don’t have a backyard, a miniature garden has become a viable alternative. When one speaks of miniature gardening, fairy gardening often comes to mind. But, fairy gardening is just one aspect of gardening in small form.

Entrance to a fairy garden in a whiskey barrel- by Annette MacLean

Fairy Gardening in a Whiskey Barrel- by Annette MacLean

But, miniature gardening encompasses so much more. Moss Rocks,  by David Spain, are beautiful little pieces of art. They are easy to care for and are very Zen for your home or office.

Live Moss Rocks

Moss Rock- photo by The Mossy Twig

Small pots can be transformed into tiny places of relaxation.

Succulent Garden by Annette MacLean

Moss lunch box to go garden! by Annette MacLean

This garden is planted in an antique lunch box and can be taken with you where ever you go. Just close it up, carry it by the handle and open it when you need a little life in your life!

Hanging terrarium orbs are my newest obsession. They can be can be planted with scenes-

Woman's Volleyball Team Succulent Garden- by Annette MacLean

Laundry Day Moss Orb- by Annette MacLean

Or, they look beautiful with tillandsias –

Tillandsia Orb-

Terrariums can be directly planted or precious orchids can be housed and showcased safely inside-

When is comes to gardening, one is only limited by their imagination. It can be done on large scale or 1 1/2 inch scale-

1 1/2 inch Succulent Planter- by Annette MacLean

It can be a delicate and sophisticated Tea Party-

Tea Cup Succulent Planter- by Annette MacLean

Backyard Tea Planter - by Annette MacLean

The Choice is yours.What ever you choose- Enjoy ­čÖé

All supplies needed to make miniature gardens seen on this post are available at:

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Hand Written Notes, Letters, & Journals


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In this day of texting, Facebook, virtual sticky notes, busy families & email- the art of hand writing a letter, card, note to family member or writing in a journal is slipping to the wayside with the electronic glow of phones, monitors, or I pads. Or, are they making a comeback? Nothing quite replaces the feel of jotting down notes while one sips coffee and contemplates their next sentence. Or the feel and smell of paper – yes, paper- in a beautiful journal with art and words intertwined. Your thoughts beautifully displayed on a wonderful piece of art.

Take notes on the run

Taking hand written notes while on the go. These handy little booklets fit neatly into a purse or pocket.

Many journals are hand made by an artist and appeal to the subject at hand.

This Succulent Journal is from Jill Bliss, an artist from Oregon.

Another Journal by Jill Bliss- Drawing Nature

A Journal made from leaves, wood, and bamboo paper

This journal comes with its own pencils and scissors for cutting and applying scraps making it a scrapbook if one chooses.

Other pads of paper look good just laying around. They are there when you need them when that wonderful idea pops into your head.

Blank Bingo Note Pads.

Then, there is the writing and sending of cards  and post cards- remember those? 

Who doesn’t like to get real mail in your real mailbox? Mail that actually means something by someone that you actually care about?

Jill Bliss Postcards with hand drawn images of flowers and shells from the sea

Jill Bliss boxed card set of hand drawn succulents

Jill Bliss drew pictures from vegetables in her garden and turned them into cards

Then there are fun writing utensils that run from very sleek and pricey-

Meisterst├╝ck Le Grand Fountain Pen 14K gold

To quirky and natural-

Wooden pencils

Mushroom pens

Or, perhaps your messages are made as you’re walking out the door. Or, you make lists, or a reminders for yourself or others.

Chalk Board & Magnetic Board- all in one

Chalk Board & Magnetic Board- All in one

And of course, the writing tool needed is-

Or perhaps, a magnet is needed to hold your note, paper coupon, or card that you received in the mail.

Dragon Fly Magnet

Ant Magnet

Dung Beetle Magnet

Spider Magnet

You may need a wall card holder to hold all of the cards that arrive in the mail, or postcards to places you dream of going.

Card Holder

Maybe you prefer to spell your message out with physical letters or numbers-

Zinc Letters

Gas Pump Numbers

Antique Toy Blocks with Bottle Brush Trees.

What ever the method chosen, turning writing back into an art form is easier and more pleasant than you may think. So, enjoy. Jot down a note on a chalk board telling your hubby that you love them. Or spell it out with zinc letters or toy blocks.  Send a card to someone you love- today- just to tell them you are thinking about them. The post office will thank you. And, so will the recipient.

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